Full Speed Ahead

Marching Onward
Straight the course
Keeping focused
Full discourse

Sharing boldly
Fan the flame
Bring Your Kingdom
In Your Name

Here I am
Hands open wide
Soaking deep
Into Your life

Believing truth
Provision, rich
Boundless grace
Jesus clenched

Freedom found
Clinging to Thee
Hope abounds
Worries flee

Peace pours over
Stills my soul
Draws me near
To Heaven’s shore



Longing and hoping
Searching for rest
Needing peace to envelop
And soothe my life’s mess

My home is in chaos
Boxes surround
Transitions are coming
Restlessness hounds

Surreal though it be
Work comes to an end
Joy and sorrow, they mingle
Friends visit to lend

A listening ear
Hands to uphold
Hearts to weep
Smiles unfold

Faith is put to the test
As I venture ahead
Seeking God’s face
On this path where He’s led

Mysteries unknown
How His peace reigns within
In this crazy pace
His Spirit attends

The home that I seek
Will only be found
Within His arms
Where His love abounds

He promises presence
His life in my soul
He’s come to indwell
This heavenly home

John 14: 23 “Jesus replied, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.  My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.””

Christmas Ponderings

As many of you know, I process life through writing poetry. Here are a few thoughts this Advent season.

Emmanuel Come

Love, Light, and Grace
Born into the world
Showing us God’s face
Love present to behold

His life lived fully free
Sinless, without stain
Radically dependent
Trusting God to reign

Stepping into pain
Seeing people lost
Calling out their glory
Giving life, knowing the cost

No change will come to bear
Unless His love is felt
Grace received and understood
Causes the hardest heart to melt

I sit in awe and wonder
Hope arising in my soul
As I consider how He loves me
And longs to make me whole

He takes the shattered pieces
Gently meets me in the pain
Molds and shapes me for His glory
Restores my life, removes all shame

His victory is present
His power full of might
His Spirit floods in mercy
He defeats the darkest night

Joy and peace, they beckon
To receive God’s full delight
Gives us courage to step forward
Calls us out to join the fight

Journeying by faith to Bundibugyo, Uganda

My first thought of long term missions came while inquiring about a short term trip.  I found myself saying I was interested in long term missions.  I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth!  Was this a slip of the tongue or the Holy Spirit at work?  Three years later, it appeared the Lord was engaging my heart to see His path for my life! 

The road to Uganda first went through Peru, Kazakhstan, London, and Moldova.  On these trips, I was fascinated by the mechanics of cross-cultural missions and inspired by God’s Kingdom expansion.  I experienced a growing desire to serve the lost and least; to share the Gospel through veterinary medicine, discipleship, prayer, and relational evangelism.  Over the last year, these desires led me to pursue long-term mission work in Bundibugyo, Uganda with World Harvest Mission (WHM was recently renamed Serge).

Serge means “joining together rough edges to form a smooth seam.”  Serge believes God infuses His grace into the fabric of our lives each day by weaving His goodness into our ragged parts, making the tattered beautiful.  As I have seen God’s grace meet me in my brokenness, I have been moved by faith to trust His leading to Uganda to share His Gospel.



In Uganda, I will be involved in the Missionary Apprenticeship Program (MAP) and veterinary work.  In these roles, I will be discipling and mentoring interns, apprentices, and students while also training nationals in basic veterinary skills and care.  The people of Bundibugyo are deeply dependent on their animals and land to survive.  Many people as well as their animals die of preventable diseases and malnutrition.  Equipping communities with basic veterinary skills and knowledge will greatly increase the quality of life for the people and their livestock.

I am curious to see how God works in the coming year.  It has been a journey of surprises and answers to prayer.  I have seen God’s provision and kindness in deeper measure as I’ve stepped forward in faith by His grace.  I pray this will be a place of encouragement and hope to record how He works in and through my life.  To God be the glory!