I’m thankful for the gifts of friendship and deep fellowship I’ve received in my life.  Being back within my community in Birmingham has reminded me of the greatest love my heart can experience–unity with Christ and one another.  In this coming year I long to be more present in the moment, guided by the Spirit, and know the love of Jesus in new ways.  I’m thankful I have friends who inspire me to this fuller walk of faith, and allow me to be myself without pretense:  this one’s for you!


The longing of every soul
To be seen, engaged, pursued
Not from the working of our hands
Or the things we say and do

For someone to know our hearts
See the dirt, the muck, and mire
Yet still choosing in the present
To be with us and inspire,

Dreams slipping from our grasp–
To be held, developed, followed
Encouraged to push on, endure
Amidst the empty hollow

A friend who will sit in silence
Or laugh until it hurts
Giving hugs when disappointments
Overcome life’s rhyme and verse

Pointing forward in expectation
Redirecting eyes to Christ
Gently reminding in the suffering
Of our home in paradise

We have each other in the present
To bear burdens, bring forth peace
As we know the many stories
Plumb the depths, and simply be.