I am convinced there is only one way to truly live a full and free life.  It sounds like a paradox, but that freedom comes through dependence and surrender to the Holy Spirit within me.  I wrestle with living this way as I was raised to be independent, self-sufficient, and strong (qualities which served me well in achieving great things).  But as Paul said,  I count it all as loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ.  Jesus alone has filled the deep void in my heart for meaning and relationship in this world.  I pray He would do the same for each of you.

Indwelling Power

You are able by my power
You are able by my grace
You are able to remember
You are able to embrace

Your heart will fully open
As My Spirit dwells within
Humbled and beloved
Bound together life begins

Chosen for this moment
Stepping forth My glory shines
Listening close for My instruction
Peace develops joy sublime

Holiness replaces evil
Unity dispels disgrace
Forgiveness for each other
Lightens burdens, lifts your face

To behold the One most worthy
Of affection and your love
My all consuming Passion
Brought redemption from above

Jesus, fill us with Your goodness,
patience, love, humility
May Your peace be ever flowing
Drawing us to harmony

We are able by Your power
We are able by your grace
We are able to remember
We are able to embrace

Move us out to love the lonely
Fill the weary with Your hope
May we see Your image clearly
In Your gentle, humble yoke

You walk beside us kindly
And bear the heavy load
Your Spirit tends with mercy
Reconciling all below