2015-10-28 14.34.43

A conglomeration of photos from my time in the UK

Fun facts:  

  • I ate my first insects the other day–Fried grasshoppers!!!  They were crunchy and salty.  Fortunately the legs and wings are removed prior to cooking.  I just tried to not look as I ate and thought of it as a potato chip 🙂
  • People point with their lips here–this is super helpful if your hands are full!
  • A “yes” is indicated with an eyebrow raise or sharp intake of breath rather than a verbal “yes” (the first can be missed if I’m not looking at them, and the second often scares me as it’s the sound we would make if someone fell!!)

Bundibugyo is feeling more like home each day. As I have continued to process transition (and all the emotions involved with settling in a new place), poetry continues to flow. Thankfully, God is faithful to provide perspective and courage to engage!

Here’s another poem and a few pictures from the last few months:

Open Wide Our Hearts
(Reflection on 2 Cor 6:11-13)

Open wide our hearts–
Let the love spill out-
Risking rejection
Entering in with vulnerability,
With courage

Fighting hard for each other’s faith
Speaking truth, even when it hurts;
Wounding to call forth more life and love

Allow us to feel the pain, bitterness, and disappointment
And cover us with Your soothing balm
The days are short this side of eternity.

Open wide our hearts–
To receive love unyielding from Your hand
Though it may feel like emptiness, loneliness, despair;
It is creating a space for Your glorious Presence

And You promise to fill to overflowing
Open our clenched grip on the seen, to receive the unseen–
That which fully satisfies the depths of our soul

Uplift our eyes to the Heavens
To the infinite hope we have in You.
Come in power to change and transform the broken
Restoring life and peace with You.

2015-10-06 18.19.19

Team Retreat Photo

2015-10-07 12.21.09 HDR

Jeff cracking me up as he appreciates the sticker (You are Beautiful) on the steering wheel of the loaner car.  Note my vehicle being fixed in the back ground by 6 Ugandans working on the wheel–great customer service!)


2015-11-11 19.09.09

Ashley and Katherine hosted a feast for me upon my return from England!

2015-10-16 18.22.01

Celebrating Hailey’s 5th birthday