Revive–bring back to life, start again.

Moving to a new place calls forth a new beginning: challenges and joys, adventures and discoveries.  Comfort zones are stretched, life is hopefully embraced, possibilities of growth are endless!  Unique sounds, sights, and wonders converge.

Adjusting to life in Bundibugyo, Uganda has awakened a longing for revival in my own heart for deeper intimacy with Jesus, and a longing for my friends to experience the same.  I know He has promised “life abundant” (John 10:10) as we live in Him, and I am eager to understand this in deeper measure.

Stepping forward in faith, knowing and relying on God in all situations, finding how to rejoice and give thanks each day.  Knowing what it means to have Him walk with me through times of weakness, failure, fear, discomfort, adjustment, joy, and connection to others.  He is my Peace.  He is my Joy.  He is my Strength.  I rest when I am in Him.

Life is messy–literally (when four of us were covered in mud as we were exploring this new place trying to find the river), and figuratively (when my heart is missing life/friends in the states and frustrations of adjustment come out toward my teammates).  But God–He is constant and faithful to tend to His children, to draw me back to repentance and faith, show how to move forward in love, trusting He is at work in my heart and life.

As a team we have been praying for revival.  We have been praying for the Holy Spirit to move and change our hearts.  We have been praying for the Gospel to go forward in power in this community, country, and our world.  The following poem was written with the above things in mind and is my prayer.  Please join me in praying for God to move and renew our hearts:


Treasure Abounding
Infinite Grace
Mercy and Love
Filling this Place

Hearts being Softened
Repentance Ensues
Passion Enlivened
Indifference Removed

Awakened to Love
Eyes Opened to See
Perishing Souls
Apart from Thee

Lord, stir the Nations
By Your Spirit Move
Bring Hope from Despair
Through Your Loving Rebuke

Call Your Church to Action
Bind up the Wounds
From Worldly Destruction
May we Love and Soothe

Your Compassion and Kindness
Cover our Shame
Freedom’s Restored
Through Trust in Your Name