The past few months have been a blur.  It’s hard to wrap my mind around all the endings and new beginnings taking place in my life.  I finished work at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic the end of February, packed up the house I’ve lived in for the past 6 years, moved into a friend’s house, attended multiple missions conferences, and gave away my sweet dog, Cricket, to her new family.

Processing has come about slowly, but as I grieve the loss of familiarity and friends, excitement is also stirred for the journey to come.  God continues to provide for my every need, and is meeting me in the hard places, helping me to lift my eyes to Him.  I know moving to another country and culture has it’s challenges, but there’s also great beauty and adventure in the mix.

Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock, Palmer Lake, Colorado

I am currently in Colorado at MTI (Mission Training International), for language acquisition and cross cultural training.  I already feel better equipped for entering into this next phase of life.  Here’s a poem to give you a sneak peak into how I felt entering into MTI (a bit of a mess ;)), and what I’ve learned:

Curiosity’s Quotient

Daunting and large
No grid to contain
The depth of language
To learn and retain

The process is looming
The task soon to come
Of entering new culture
I’m feeling undone

My mind full of wonder
How do I begin?
To embrace the changes
And be settled within

I rest in the promise
I’m never alone
I have a Great Teacher
Who equips from His throne

The Maker of language
Placed inside of my mind
The ability to learn
And communicate–divine!

So, input the data
Listen in full
Wait long to speak
‘Til each word is mulled

Pick out some props
Engage with all senses
Ponder the meaning
Let down all defenses

Then mimic each word
Take it all in
Retention will grow
Acquisition begins

Sitting with people
Relationships are built
Language is learned
Meaning instilled

To learn a new skill
Takes effort and time
To connect at the heart
Will be sweet and sublime